intuitive coaching

I guide highly sensitive souls on a radical self-love and self-acceptance journey and help them connect to their intuition, explore their gifts and create a vibrant life, deeply aligned with who they are.


What is High Sensitivity?


When you are highly sensitive, you feel everything very intensely. Light, sounds, smells but also emotions are amplified. Finding yourself in the middle of the crowd or in a noisy environment can sometimes be overwhelming. Group situations can be very stressful because the myriad of social interactions overstimulates our sensitive nervous system and create emotional overload, sometimes to the point of triggering a panic attack.

Most of the time, there are two ways of dealing with the overwhelm. Either you start avoiding social interactions, which can lead to isolation or you can be tempted to use alcohol or other substances to mask your anxiety, which obviously can be self-destructive. The idea is to find an alternative that allows you to respect who you are, to engage in relationships and develop a vibrant social life, while at the same time honouring your need for quiet time. Often highly sensitive people have a more introverted personality and need time alone to recharge their batteries.  In a society that values self-assertive and extraverted people, highly sensitive people and introverts often feel undervalued and develop a poor self-esteem. They feel different and misunderstood and struggle to thrive in their professional and personal life. High sensitivity is very often seen as something to be ashamed of. No wonder why highly sensitive people are more likely to develop addictive behaviours as a way to reduce the underlying turmoil. 

Intuitive coaching

My work as a coach aims to transform the way highly sensitive people see themselves and help them accept and love each and every part of their being. Before everything else, high sensitivity is a gift. Most artists, writers and musicians are highly sensitive people, who deeply feel everything at the very core of their being. Highly sensitive people have a greater ability to connect to their intuition. They operate as a sensory channel with invisible antennas capturing the most subtle change of light or sound, the most refined messages transmitted by a simple gesture or look. Their inner world is so rich and intense as if life itself was flowing within them. My goal is to help highly sensitive people explore their gifts and creativity, transform the fabric made of their sensations, impressions, emotions and feelings into something beautiful, something they can be proud of. High sensitivity enables you to connect to people on a deeper level, to feel what the other person feels and therefore build authentic and meaningful relationships.

I guide highly sensitive souls towards techniques that help them ground themselves, protect their energy, set healthy boundaries, and find the necessary peace within themselves to connect to their inner guide.

manifest your vision

Together, we will go deep. I will help you clarify your needs, desires and dreams and highlight your talents, gifts and strengths. Together, we will set goals and an action plan to reach them. Through each step, I will support you, cheer you up and hold you accountable. Coaching, associated with hypnosis and sophrology, can help you clear your subconscious from fears and limiting beliefs allowing you to reach your full potential and manifest your vision. I offer you powerful tools to build your confidence, own your truth, trust your unique voice and claim your place in the world.

“When you do things with your soul, you feel a river of joy in you”


Let’s work together!

100€ for one session / 520€ for 6 sessions

Sign up for my 3-month coaching series, with 1 session every 2 weeks in person, on skype/zoom or by phone. Wherever you are in the world, we can connect to each other! Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Rate: 520€. This package includes a pre-coaching questionnaire to clarify your goals, a free 30-minute consult where we get to know each other, 6 coaching sessions and unlimited email support between each session. Please contact me for payment plan options.

If you are at a stage in your life where you are about to make  a decision but feel a little bit lost and confused, I also offer single sessions to help you gain clarity on a particular matter and find the answers that are already within you.