“When you do things with your soul, you feel a river of joy in you”


What is it ?

Inspired by yoga and meditation, Sophrology is a body mind therapy and a true life philosophy. Sophrology invites you to live a mindful life, come back to the here and now and taste the present moment, by focusing your attention on your physical sensations and inner feelings.

It teaches you to welcome and embrace whatever comes up, without judgment. Just let any thought, image, emotion and sensation be, acknowledge both light and darkness. By practicing sophrology, you develop a beautiful relationship with yourself and start knowing and accepting yourself fully. You learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Sophrology combines breathing exercises, gentle body movement, muscle relaxation and positive visualizations. During a sophrology session, my voice guides you into a sensory journey, a guided meditation that activates your inner energy and inner power.

Why Sophrology

Sophrology is an incredible tool to reduce stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Both preventive and curative, sophrology helps you prevent work exhaustion and avoid burnout. Also very popular among pregnant women preparing for labour and delivery, and, students preparing for exams, sophrology teaches you how to befriend your emotions and handle certain situations. The idea is that you can decide how you are going to experience and feel about certain events, no matter what the outcome is.

Sophrology gives you an opportunity to come back to yourself, listen to your body and connect to your intuition. Once you know yourself, you can naturally move closer to what is good for you. After a sophrology session, you feel a deep sense of calm and inner peace.


Book a session

In my sophrology practice, I use crystal bowls to help people reach a deep state of relaxation. Sound baths are incredibly powerful to clear and harmonize your energy. Low-pitched sounds help you ground yourself and high-pitched sounds help you access your intuition.

The sessions are recorded so you can practice at home and make it a daily routine.

1-hour session: 70€