Use the power of crystals and stones to master your energy. Whether you wear them in jewelery form or simply in your pocket, crystals can prevent you from absorbing other people’s energy. You can also keep them at home in your altar to protect your sacred space from any energetic disturbances or meditate with them in hand to tap into their specific vibration. Don’t forget to clean them regularly so they don’t get charged with heavy energy.


Most highly sensitive people have hyperactive upper chakras: their heart is wide open, very vulnerable, their imagination and intuition are heightened, however their lower chakras are usually not very active, meaning they are not grounded, not anchored and are often off balance, easily unsettled and overwhelmed by other people. That’s why it is so important for them to first of all anchor their energy, ground themselves before working on higher spheres so they don’t get lost.


  • Black Shungite is a very grounding stone which is connected to our root chakra. It stimulates our life force and can help when you feel low, apathic or depressed. It is also known for protecting us from electromagnetic fields. You can even put a shungite plate on your cell phone to limit the radiation.


  • Carnelian stone is connected to the Sacral chakra and can be used to heal our womb, where we carry energetic traces of our ex-partners and sometimes physical or sexual trauma. It can help us clear the energy that past lovers left within us and cut all ties with them so we can move forward.


  • Pyrite crystal stone is connected to our solar plexus chakra. If you feel undervalued and like nobody takes you seriously, this stone can help you claim your power back, set boundaries and learn to say no. It will help you stand up for yourself and make yourself respected.


  • Serpentine stone can help us finally process emotions that haven’t been digested yet and restore the flow of energy within us, by removing blocks around the digestive system. If you’re easily irritated by other people, if you tend to take things personally, this stone will help you take some distance and welcome whatever life brings you with more ease.


  • The heart chakra is where we channel all our emotions.  It can be very delicate and under a lot of stress for highly sensitive souls, if they don’t set strong boundaries.  Rose Quartz is the Great Mother’s stone. It will protect you with its gentle, loving and caring energy. It diffuses unconditional love and activates your self love. Malachite can help us recentre, come back to ourselves, when we feel off balance and overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, or when our energy is scattered in all directions. Kunzite can help us find the right posture and redefine our emotional territory, when we are emotionally dependent, when we give everything to others and end up feeling drained. Kunzite activates our heart wisdom and helps us reach emotional autonomy. Pink opale can help us celebrate ourselves and our inner beauty, increase our self-love, allow ourselves to receive love and fully accept ourselves.


  • Highly sensitive souls are often very emotive which can sometimes cloud their throat chakra and prevent them from fully expressing themselves. For people who tend to think for hours before speaking or who are dreading public speaking, Blue Aragonite can free emotions that are stuck in the throat chakra and enable them to gently free their voice.


  • The 6th chakra is often very active among highly sensitive souls. They usually are very imaginative and intuitive people, however, when they absorb other people’s energy, it is important for them to come back to themselves and recenter so they can connect to their own truth. Fluorite crystal will help you focus, concentrate and find clarity. Selenite will soothe your anxiety and help you find a deep sense of peace and calm within you.


  • Lepidolite stone is connected to the 7th chakra and will help you connect to your subconscious, to your inner guide. It will soothe your nervous system and reduce sleeping disorder. It will connect you to higher realms while anchoring yourself at the same time, so you don’t get lost with spirits.

Crystals are powerful tools. Incorporate them in your wellness routine  to maintain a clear channel and tap into your own intuitive energy.