We are “energy”

Jan 16, 2020 | Personal Development

“As above, so below, as within, so without”

Think of the universe as an ocean in which the energy moves in waves and currents. We are all swimming together in this ocean. We are all connected to each other. As energy transmitters and receivers, we all have our own personal vibration, the particular quality of our energy, what gives it its colour and texture. Sometimes we vibe high, sometimes we vibe low, depending on how we feel. When we meet someone, there’s sometimes an energetic match or attraction and sometimes there’s an energetic discord or repulsion. We resonate or not with their particular energy and that’s just natural. This constant force of attraction and repulsion, of expansion and contraction, is what gives rhythm to life, this is the life pulse. Being aware of these forces enables us to dance with the energy, to go with the flow rather than against the flow, and therefore, to co-create with the universe.

Start to notice that each word you pronounce has energy attached to it. The tone of your voice transmits energy. The way you walk, talk, look at people, diffuses energy. Your smile sends out a particular vibration. Every time we give birth to a thought, an emotion or an action, we put some powerful vibrations out into the world. Our mind is the biggest energy broadcaster. Thoughts create emotions. The way we feel influences the way we act. The way we talk to someone will influence the way they feel, which will then influence the way they will interact with other people on that particular day. It is called the ripple effect. Every single action you take has an impact on people around you, which means that you co-create your reality.

Often, we attract what we put out into the world. Your experiences in the world are a direct reflection of your vibration. The highest you vibe, the most fulfilling your life will be.

Knowing that, you can consciously choose the kind of energy you want to express into the world and be the change you want to see in others.

To manifest new experiences into your life, 

  • First become aware of the energy you put out into the world as well as the energy others around you put out into the world. Be intentional. Choose your words carefully when you talk to yourself and others.


  • Focus your attention on the positive in your life. Be grateful for all the people you encountered and all the experiences that shaped who you are today. Gratefulness is a powerful practice that will amplify your magnetism.


  • Listen to your body, it is constantly sending you messages. Notice how certain interactions create some kind of tension in your body, and some others create some space within you and a feeling of expansion. Do some journaling to reflect on your day and track your daily vibrations. What happened and how did it make you feel? Very often, we are caught in habits, behaviors, or hang out with people that don’t support our wellbeing. Noticing patterns is the first step towards change and transformation.


  • Choose carefully who you surround yourself with. Avoid, when possible, interactions with people who put you down energetically, people who suck your energy out, who make you feel either sad, small or exhausted. This is even more relevant for highly sensitive people who feel everything more intensely. They operate as a sensory channel with invisible antennas capturing the most subtle change of light or sound, the most refined messages transmitted by a simple gesture or look. The myriad of social interactions can therefore overstimulate their nervous system and cause an emotional overload, making it essential for them to protect their energy. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and support your growth, people who make you feel good, happy and full of energy, people who make you want to do things and commit to yourself and your projects.


  • Set boundaries and learn to say NO! This will actually change your life! Stop people pleasing. Check in with yourself. If something does not feel good, then don’t do it! This is particularly true for empaths who have the ability to feel what others feel and easily absorb energy that don’t belong to them. If they don’t set boundaries, they can easily lose themselves in others and feel down for no specific reasons. Come back to yourself! Saying no is the most powerful way to assert yourself. When you say no, you say to the universe “I exist and I matter”. By respecting yourself, you encourage others to respect you.


  • Do some inner work. If you want to change something in your life, turn inward and look within. What belief system is limiting your expansion? What unprocessed emotions keep attracting the same experiences into your life? Facing your fears and clearing inner blockages are key if you want to manifest new fulfilling experiences into your life.


  • Anchor yourself. Commit to a daily practice that helps you connect to yourself, find peace and calm within you and ground your energy, whether it be yoga, meditation, sophrology, gardening or just walking barefoot and feeling the ground under your feet. Spend some time in nature. It is even more important during the winter months, when we tend to stay indoors and get into our heads. Come back to your body and focus on your physical sensations.


  • Release your energy. Go dancing, go running, move your body, have sex! This will allow you to release the energy that is piling up inside and prevent emotional overload and burnout.


This self-care routine will make a huge difference in your life. It will help you gain clarity and will therefore make it easier for you to connect to your intuition. Instead of overthinking, you will start to feel into situations and people and have a more direct experience of life. You will start to trust your inner wisdom and manifest a life that is deeply aligned with who you are.


When we tune into higher vibrations, synchronicities start to happen, we are guided by the universe and there are no limits to what we can achieve! We access a state of bliss and attract love and joy into our lives!