As a highly sensitive soul and an empath, you might:

  • Feel sad or angry for no particular reason.
  • Feel depleted after spending time with people.
  • Be able to detect when someone is suffering and actually feel their pain as if it was yours
  • Be attracted to people who are struggling for whatever reasons and feel like you have to rescue them. You often find yourself trapped in a “saviour” position.
  • Dread large crowded places, like shopping malls or big open space offices.
  • Feel overwhelmed by flashing lights or loud noises.
  • Feel anxious when people are looking at you and wish you could escape from this situation.
  • Take things personally and dwell on what people once told you, even years ago.
  • Be extremely shaken up by violent or horror movies.
  • Feel empty after interacting with “energy vampires”. Non-stop talkers really suck the energy out of you.

Highly sensitive souls feel everything more deeply which can be pretty overwhelming. A lot of highly sensitive people are also empaths, meaning they absorb other people’s energy. They sometimes carry energy that actually belong to someone else, that’s why it is so important for them to make sure they protect and clear their energy.

How to Protect your energy:

  • Wear sunglasses and/or put your headphones on to listen to music when going outside.
  • Before you go out or use the public transport, visualize yourself in a bubble of light, that protects you, in which you are completely safe, where nothing can reach you and nobody can hurt you.
  • Wear a Rose Quartz close to your heart, it will protect you and bring you loving and caring energy.
  • Set strong boundaries with people, express your needs and learn to say NO to things that don’t bring you joy.
  • Be mindful of the people you choose to let in your life, whether it be friends, lovers or romantic partners.
  • Be mindful of what you put inside your body: junk food, alcohol, drugs, sugar will definitely impact you energetically.
  • Be mindful of the movies/series you watch, the music you listen to.

Become aware that everyone and everything vibrates at particular frequency and that you are not separate from the outside world. A secret energetic dance is constantly happening between you and everything and everyone you encounter.

How to clear your energy:

  • Burn incense and smudge your home to clear the energy.
  • Take a cleansing ritual bath in which you can add salt to release any negative energy and beautiful flowers to fill you up with beautiful vibrations. Rose will bring you warm and loving energy, Lavender will soothe your anxiety, Jasmine will uplift your mood and Chamomile will calm and relax your spirit.
  • Do a body scan to identify where you are holding tensions, which parts of your body are sensitive or in pain. Breathe deeply and consciously into those areas to clear any energy blocks. Visualize water clearing your entire being, taking away all the things that are weighing you down into the ground, into the earth, where they will be transformed and recycled. You can then visualize seeds growing into trees, into beautiful flowers and take a few minutes to appreciate the magnificent garden around you, the delicious colours and perfumes. Feel with all your senses your power for inner transfomation.
  • Our emotions remain stuck in our body until we express them. Keep a daily journal to express your feelings, your emotions and anything that is bothering you. You might identify some patterns, for example certain behaviours are maybe not adapted to your sensitive soul or maybe certain people drain you energetically. Once you become aware of patterns, you can consciously act on them to create a life that supports your sensitive soul and allows you to fully bloom.