Highly sensitive people are by definition extremely intuitive. Their superpower lies in their heightened ability to connect to their intuition.

Intuition can be described as an inner knowing, that can be felt in your body. It is not a thought created by your logical brain, it comes from somewhere deeper, it is something that you FEEL. It is this inner voice that we tend to ignore. Intuition can be seen as our subconscious mind communicating with us through our body, using sensations, impressions, sudden flashes, insights or images. Sometimes it comes at night, in your dreams, sometimes it comes while you meditate, while you are in an altered state of consciousness or a hypnotic state. When you uncover all the layers made of what you think you SHOULD do/say/think/feel, according to society, your family, friends, partners, teachers, co-workers, you  access your OWN TRUTH, something that only belongs to you, that is only true to you. It can sometimes sound stupid or weird or not always responsible to other people, but to you, it sounds like HOME calling you. When we clear our sensitive channel and get rid of energy we carry which doesn’t belong to us, we can come back to ourselves and tune in to our own energy.

Highly sensitive people have a very active nervous system, which means they have a heightened response to stimuli. Their senses are amplified, they are therefore very sensitive to noise, lights, smells, tastes, but also to emotions and energies around them. They have invisible antennas that enable them to receive subtle messages that usually go unnoticed to most people, that’s why they have the power to feel when something is off. They can detect when someone is lying. When the words are not aligned with the underlying truth or intention, they just can feel it. When they interact with someone, or when they are faced with an opportunity, whether it is a new romance, a new friendship, a new job, a new house, they experience a physical reaction in their body. Sometimes it feels great, uplifting, heart-opening and expansive, whereas, sometimes it feels like a restriction or a tension in your throat, heart, neck, belly… Highly sensitive people who are not aware of their power, can ignore those signals, however, highly sensitives who truly own their truth and trust their power, will always take note of those feelings and physical sensations, as they know it is their intuition speaking to them.

In order to master your gift and let yourself be guided by your intuition, it is essential to have a daily practice to clear your energy field and connect to yourself, whether it is meditation, breathwork, yoga, sophrology, deep visualizations, hypnosis, journaling, dancing or just going for a walk in nature, gardening, making a cup of tea or taking a bath. Find what works for you. These practices will help you get clarity and access your intuition more easily. When you pay attention to the signs your body is sending you and allow yourself to act on them, you can start to live a divinely guided life, where everything seems to flow naturally. You don’t get involved with people or situations that you know are not aligned with who you are at the core, and you flow naturally towards experiences that are meant for you.