There is so much wisdom in the Moon and so much to learn about ourselves and our own cycles. Each phase of the moon reflects the phase we are going through ourselves. Once you start paying attention to your emotions and how they vary according to which phase of your cycle you’re in, you start to develop even more self-love and self-compassion.

We have been taught to separate ourselves from our true nature and pretend our periods are not happening. We were taught to feel like we should not talk about it, that we should hide it and even feel ashamed. Most women have been disconnected from their feminine essence. Some even feel disgusted at their own blood when bleeding is actually the most sacred thing in a woman’s cycle.

The NEW MOON is the natural period of MENSTRUATION, when blood returns to the earth and you might feel emotional.  It is echoing the WINTER season and its element is EARTH. The sky is dark and women are encouraged to slow down, look within and practice introspection. This phase represents the WISE WOMAN or the CRONE ARCHETYPE which invites us to connect deeply to ourselves, to listen to our intuition, to pay attention to our dreams and every sign and message our subconscious mind is sending us. Our wisdom reaches a point where we become aware that everything we need to know is within us.

The WAXING MOON is the natural period of PRE-OVULATION, when after releasing your eggs, your physical and emotional energy is rising and you usually feel increasingly dynamic, inspired and creative. This is the perfect time to start a new project, to open up and experiment. This phase represents the VIRGIN or the MAIDEN ARCHETYPE when you’re feeling fresh, spontaneous and excited. It is echoing the SPRING season, its element is AIR. The Maiden energy is about curiosity, joy, pleasure, playfulness and passion.

The FULL MOON is the natural period of OVULATION. This phase represents The MOTHER ARCHETYPE, when we are in our full power, blooming, thriving. This phase is echoing the SUMMER season and its element is FIRE. Our projects are coming into fruition. Our heightened energy, fertility and creative power are guiding to us to go outwards, to connect with the outside world and nurture friendships, relationships, partnerships.

The WANING Moon is the natural period of PRE-MENSTRUATION. The light is fading, we are slowly coming into darkness. This phase represents The ENCHANTRESS or the WILD WOMEN ARCHETYPE, when our shadows come up to the surface and our darker side is revealed. The Enchantress is the untamed one. Now that she is free from the desire to seduce, she can fully and unapologetically be herself. The Waning moon is echoing the FALL season and its element is WATER.

Connecting to the Moon, the seasons and the four elements is such a powerful way to honour our own nature, our own rythms, our own sacredness. By accessing our divine feminine, we can  finally take our power back!

Of course, the energies we are talking about also apply if you don’t have your period yet or anymore, if you are menopaused or if you don’t have a uterus. The archetypes are sacred energies that can be embodied no matter how old you are, what your gender is or how you self-identify. All beings experience both feminine and masculine energies.